When I realize I’ve been acting super grumpy due to stress



Basically how I feel after how I’ve acted this week. Should I just forward this to everyone in the branch?

Seeing a gorgeous boy come up to the desk:

…and my coworker offers to help him first, and he goes to her computer.

Basically yesterday.

Actually excited for work tomorrow.

It’s going to be really busy and a definite high circulation day, but I’m still happy I get to see my weekend peeps tomorrow.

When customers give me dirty looks for making too much noise while shelving in the stacks.

I didn’t mean to knock over an entire display yesterday, and even after I apologized I still got dirty looks. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

When drama happens at work and everyone tries to pull me into it.


I feel like I should forward this to the entire branch.

At this week’s staff meeting our supervisor told us that a new higher-salary position will be opening at the branch. I heard someone say under their breath, “Let the Hunger Games begin.”

And I’m playing.There’s one position opening and at least 7 of us applying, plus people from other branches.

This’ll be my second work-related hunger games and I don’t know if I’m stoked or terrified.

Right now we’re all doing this thing where we’re pleasant towards each other, but you can feel the underlying tension between us. Nobody is talking about the promotion because it’s such a touchy subject.

Today all the supervisors were at a meeting so the rest of us had a mini party in the circ workroom.

After checking my account to see how many items I have checked out / on hold, I feel like I should be the next contestant on “Hoarders.”

And how many of them are are overdue? You don’t want to know.

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We’ve been closed for 2 days and I have to face the bookdrop tomorrow morning. Alone.

I can only imagine how many books have begun to pile-up in there.


Customers are already beginning to freak out about the impending snowstorm.

We’re all trying to keep calm but we all know that there will probably be a mad rush of customers at about 3pm today once the schools let out.